Wednesday, December 15, 2010

~My Life~

I've been in this world for 12 years now. My life has been hectic. I've moved from place to place, and from city to city. In 2008 something tragic happened. In my family there are 5 of us total; there is 4 boys and me. The boys are 33, 28, and twins which are both 19. In 2008 me and my twin brothers got taken away from our mother by the child protective service. Two years ago I was 9 at the time and they were 17 at the time. It all started when I was in 5th grade at Stallings elementary. I was playing with my friends at recess and my teacher came looking for me and she finally found me and said I was going home so I said "okay" and soon as I was making my way to the office I had a feeling something was going to happen. So when I walked into the office and I saw my social worker and she grabbed my arm and said "hi ____ I'm doing to take you from your mother so she can get well"  I broke down in tears saying "no, no please don't". We then went to the CPS office to wait for my dad to come and pick me up and so he did.  I lived with him for about 3 months, it was hell (excuse my language.) But then he turned me into foster care so last year I finally got released out of the foster care system.

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