Monday, January 31, 2011

If you are lost. And cant find your way out of the darkness. Look for someone, you deeply love or care about. They will help you get out of the dark.
You hear from every where. Here. There. If you dont want to hear them walk up stairs. Turn your music up loud, ignore all the drama and just fall into the music.
All but there single straws have been used. All but three straws have been thrown away. Now theres one. After a hour theres a hundred and one. Now theres none. Out of business. Goodbye.
If today is yesterday, yesterday is today what is tomorrow.
If life was always the way it is now there would be so much negativity. But if you change your scheduel around to your liking maybe there wouldnt be that much negativity.
Her hearts broken in two.
But who couldn't blame you.
She thought you were the one.
Then she found out you met someone.
Even though she isn't her to stay.
She'll see you in jail some day.
you can be chrushed by many things
in life you can be chrushed by
thing but some will burn the most i thougth you'r soul and heart
wanting my dream's to come ture
wanting to make a diffrence
of what we see and hear in
the world and in life
when you hold the world in you'r hand shape it makes it how you would want it to be 1person can make a BIG difence!!
standing in the medow
my eyes closed
wind billowing pedlas falling
thougth and dreams
pass by sure to
 come arive
I fall I crash
I trip I tumble
I don't cry
I don't complain
I get back up
I try aging


It's SAD to see people on T.V that have died,
For something ILLEGAL that they cannot do, like TEXTING while YOU are DRIVING!
they can alwyas text later , it's not that important, its not the end of the world
I alway's wonder what it fells like to go to space, dose it hurt?
Is it hard?
what gose on


Order isnt the same thing we could explian because every one's " orders' are not the same

Monday, January 24, 2011


So many peolpe never see the good thing's in their lives and only, here is an example:LEARN FROM IT: Thing's in my life are looking up and takeing a turn for the better. My family is finaly, I have good grade's, and all my friend's are being nice to me.
I'm pretty sure my teachers like me...........
I think :)..
Most of the kid's at the school are nice to me know, i even worked out with a kid that was being mean to me.
i am so tired of just wriiting down my worries,
troubles, and my complaint's, thing's are going to make a change for the better in my life for good
at least i'm trying to unlike everyone else...........

Love is the wosrt kind of hate....

A shodow is just a stalker...
it watches you like a little girl father
and when you think you have finnally got rid of it
when you step in a black room
but you have only made it stronger
by giving it to more friend's to consume you
when you to sleep it tottures you
killing slowly
and alrigth as it is about you'r day
while you'r shadow lingers behind you'r prayer
hopeing that tonigth is the that he get's lucky
and finishes you off.
what if speacial people were normal and we are the weired ones?
why is every body juged?
why are  famous people looked up ?
why not us?
why do people want to control people?
why was killing inveted?
Anger is only letter short or danger
Dose being more popular than friend's fell good or bad?
why are we all dirrent ?
why can't we all be simialr?
Is there any good reason?
To me, music isnt just something that you listen to.  To me music is a thing I use to get away from all the drama, yelling, and arguing. It's one of the few things I look forward to when I'm tangled up in all the drama, and the only thing I can think about other than music, is violence.  Music saves me.  Let it save you too.
The world has always been a scary place with all its risk and what ifs and how do I fit-ins.  So in between it all you have to ask yourself if you want to follow life as you know it or sit there wondering what it would be like if you weren't following everyone else.
If 2010 was real what would happen.
Will we all die or live.
When the earth ends I will be gone
forever before or after.
If I would stop it from happening how would I.
There would be one person, one kid, one child, or even a boy alone could not stop the end, not even God
What would life be like without our thoughts and random ideas?
Would we all have the same beliefs or will we still think differently the way we are?
Would we have a :) on our face or a :(?


                                             WHAT IF A DREAM BECAME REALITY?
                                                              would we be the same?


                                          Broken promises cause broken hearts,
                                                      and every time you lie,
                                              another little pice of me dies inside
                                                              if you'r heart get's broken two,
                                                              thank God you still have left
                                          A lie is still a lie, even if it has bit's of the turth in it
                              Happneiss can turn you into Cindereralla even if it's just for one nigth