Monday, January 31, 2011

If you are lost. And cant find your way out of the darkness. Look for someone, you deeply love or care about. They will help you get out of the dark.
You hear from every where. Here. There. If you dont want to hear them walk up stairs. Turn your music up loud, ignore all the drama and just fall into the music.
All but there single straws have been used. All but three straws have been thrown away. Now theres one. After a hour theres a hundred and one. Now theres none. Out of business. Goodbye.
If today is yesterday, yesterday is today what is tomorrow.
If life was always the way it is now there would be so much negativity. But if you change your scheduel around to your liking maybe there wouldnt be that much negativity.
Her hearts broken in two.
But who couldn't blame you.
She thought you were the one.
Then she found out you met someone.
Even though she isn't her to stay.
She'll see you in jail some day.
you can be chrushed by many things
in life you can be chrushed by
thing but some will burn the most i thougth you'r soul and heart
wanting my dream's to come ture
wanting to make a diffrence
of what we see and hear in
the world and in life