Wednesday, December 15, 2010

God's Signal

A few days ago I went to a friends house, to spend the night.  When I got there we first went to the Spa and I saw two shooting stars.  I kept thinking in my head, was god giving me a signal.  After we went in to her extra garage, which was as big as a house.  Anyway we walked in and I slamed the door. she flicked music on to fun christmas music.  We were medding around, having fun.  Until...the door creeked wide open.  We stoped.  then the music station changed on its own.  We walked over toward the door to shut it, Before we touched it, it slammed shut.  We left scared and belived it was the weirdest night.  I was stilll wondered.  Was that ny sign from god.  Telling us to get out! This really happened and it was on of the most horrifing things that ever happen.

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